Hokkaido '06
Friday, September 14, 2012 @ 10:49 PM

Pictures from a trip to Hokkaido when I was 16. I touched snow for the very first time, celebrated a snow white christmas, built tiny snowmen (it really ain't as easy as it sounds in storybooks!), swear I almost died since I'm not keen on raw food and wasabi, had the best ramen at this random ramen house, rode a snow-ski, fell in love with the adorable bears, raccoons and winter foxes, almost froze to death hahaha, tasted the best cream puff (tear drop!) at the chocolate factory and had the best kobe beef EVER. The place was beautiful, and while sightseeing made up the bulk of the trip (breath-taking sceneries all around), I was still happiest jumping in the snow and interacting with the adorable animals.