Little Things I Miss of USA
Sunday, October 27, 1996 @ 10:53 PM

It has been a year since I went for W&T2013, where I stayed in Santa Cruz, California for 3 whole month, working as a ride operator in Area 3 of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. There are so many things I miss of that place. In order to retain all the precious memories so I can look back in future when I start to reminisce my younger days.


1) Room 502
We stayed at Carousel Motel for the first 3 weeks, a luxurious motel complete with wifi and room service, my favourite memories were still made in Room 502 in the old and rundown and seemingly haunted La Bahia Apartments. It is where I forged a strong bond with my roommates Marilyn and Carrian, where we held countless drinking parties and even a birthday party and a 'dinner' service for the evangelists from Peter Pan, outside of Peter Pan Motel. Where we cooked almost daily for an army although it was usually just the 3 of us. Where we shared heart-to-heart talks before we fell asleep each night. Where we dropped chips all over the carpet, but so long as it wasn't in our bedroom, it didn't matter. We vacuumed once in a few weeks, yet have drinking parties every other night, spilling drinks on the carpets. Where we made the Americans take off their shoes. Where we became almost family. I miss that.

2) #roadtripweds
We all had the same scheduled off every Wednesday, and we spent those Wednesdays exploring the neighbouring towns and cities in the area. We had the opportunity to drive a wide range of different rented cars each week, and cruise down beautiful sights and landscapes, every freaking Wednesday. I loved it. We cruised down Highway 1, went to Napa Valley, Yosemite, Monterey Bay, Roaring Camp, San Francisco and more.