Orlando: Disneyworld
Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 11:45 PM

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We took an overnight ride on Greyhound to Orlando where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights! The first day was dedicated to Disneyworld. A beautiful and magical place, but thrill rides were almost non-existent as it was mainly for kids. It was a nice time wandering around and taking pictures though! It rained when we were exploring the last bit which was saddening as we couldn't take the only 2 thrill rides in the park. Cheered up at night when we caught the parade and the firework show! The fireworks made me feel like a little kid again!


My Donald Duck Entry Card!


Epcot in Disneyworld




There was a little American Idol studio in Disney's Hollywood where a few competitions are held within a day, where they will compete to be the the American Idol of the day or something. We were lucky to walk right into one and managed to be one of the live audiences to witness one of such competition! It's made to be a smaller scale of the real American Idol and it was really cool! And the first performer was REALLY GOOD. I think he got 80percent of the votes at least. We got to listen to 3 performers and vote for one whom we think was the best and of course, the first guy won. He reminded me of Daughtry. If he competed in the the real American Idol, I'm sure he'll do really good too!



We also went for this live performance of Indiana Jones where they reenacted how they filmed action packed movies like those. It was really exciting, there were real flames and 'gunshots' and fights and all.


Then we also went for this ride which showed us how they film natural disasters in movies. In this particular scene, a lorry burst into flames and then there was a whole flood which came rumbling off the rocks. It was a total 'woah!' moment. O.O




Like little kids, we ended the day queueing and taking photos with the characters at the park. A little disappointing that we didn't manage to catch any face characters of the disney princesses. I guess a day for all 4parks at Disneyworld is barely enough. We were mostly hurrying around the park because we didn't have enough time to explore each park in detail if we wanted to experience all the parks.

The next day, we went to Seaworld. I'll post that another day because I'm lazy now.  I LOVE SEAWORLD!!!!!

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