Orlando: Seaworld
Sunday, January 15, 2012 @ 11:31 PM

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The next morning, we took the free shuttle bus from our motel to Seaworld! As soon as we entered the park, we rushed on the first rollercoaster that came into view, the Manta Ray! I think we took the ride a few times since there was barely a queue for it. ;) It was cool, there will be a water effect when we swoop down and past the water at the bottom!

Another ride we took was the Kraken, which was even more awesome because it is larger and more exciting and we did not even have to queue for it. It seems the bigger the ride, the lesser queue there will be and I love it. Also, the rides had separate queue for first row and the others, so we played once on the first row (which had the longest queue) and another two times on the last row. ;)

The last ride we took at Seaworld is the Journey to Atlantis flume ride which was amazingly magical. We took quite some time to queue for this, but it was totally worth the wait! I've never been a fan of flume rides because of the steep drops, but this was really amazing. Firstly, they will take us through a dark magical tunnel with dancing fishes, like a musical. Then, there will be tiny drops inside the darkness itself, and best of all, it's complete darkness even when they reach the peak of the highest drop, you will not know when it's gonna happen! If there were no queue for this ride I bet we'd have taken it a thousand times. ;)

Although Seaworld did not have a lot of rides, they were thrilling enough so it was good! We went to watch the seal treasure hunting performance after. There was this mime to keep us entertained as the crowd streamed in before the show started, and he was hilarious! He would mimic some of the people coming in, the way they walk, drink, take photos and stuff, and then act innocent when the people turned back to look at him when we all laughed! I wished I took a video, he is too funny! It's sad that my camera cannot take videos. :(


After the show, we chanced upon the dolphin feeding session which was only 7bucks per person! How lucky were we? We immediately joined the queue for it, hip hip hurray! Everyone got a plate of 5 fishes to feed and touch the dolphins. The dolphins will come right up to you and they always look like they are smiling, so cute!!







We bought prawns to feed the stingrays too! The stingrays were really hyper, they got us all wet with the flapping of their fins when they rush to get food!


This was during the queue for the Manta Rays. The stingrays in USA seem a lot pudgier then the ones we see in Underwater World, Singapore. So cute!



We also caught the last bit of the Shamu performance because we were late playing games and winning the toys. The Shamus look superbly manificent and beautiful!




And the rest of the park in pictures. Seaworld is a happy place, I would kill to go back again! :D


My lunch, a Shamu kids meal. I don't feel hungry when I'm excited and having fun, I should feel excited and have fun more often so I can lose weight! ;) Oh, and also because they mostly have pizzas there and I am not a big fan of pizzas.


Seals basking in the sun!



The manatees look so huge and lazy just floating around on the surface of the water. Cuteness overload!




That sums up our day at Seaworld! Ordered some pizzas in for dinner and got ready to hit downtown Orlando for the partying, but ended up, the most happening part of downtown Orlando was 21 and above! :( Since I was the only one who has hit 21, we could only party elsewhere. Being 21 has it's perks of course, I got free entry into all the clubs there and could buy alcohol, woohoo! ;)




Mark and Malika who drove down for two days to hang with us in Orlando joined us at the party and we bought this huge alcoholic drink for 15bucks, if I remember correctly. The music there was pretty good even though the dancefloor was pretty tiny. It's sad that my party people weren't there with me, it'd have been a blast! Much to our disappointment, the club there closed at 2.30am. We didn't even have time to finish the drink! Me and Malika quickly downed what's left of the green alcohol as they flushed everyone out of the club. :( So upsetting!


Anyhow, we went back, washed up and woke up early still to visit Universal Studios the next day. If you love thrill rides, THAT IS THE PLACE TO BE. Endless numbers of thrill rides, we couldn't play all the rides even though we went there first thing in the morning till it closed for the night. Amazing!

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