An Adventure Down Under. Pt. 4
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 @ 10:31 PM

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On the 4th day, we went to the first theme park on the itinerary - Movie World! What is Gold Coast if not for the theme parks, no? We chose to go to Movie World first for the rides do not look as intimidating as Dreamworld, but trust me on this. You need some balls to conquer the rides at Movie World too! We got our VIP passes at a real deal - unlimited entries to Movie World, Wet'n'Wild and Sea World for just $99.99 each! It's honestly the best deal one can get - especially if you live in Gold Coast. We got it from, and they were having a further promotion - buy 3 get 1 free! It was so totally awesome. Should we decide to go back before June next year, we get to go to all three parks for free, how neat is that?!

Us and our daily car-loving. It is so awesome to have our own transport. Everything is so convenient and everywhere seem so near! And we don't have time restrictions - as soon as we are ready, off we go! I honestly got lazier and lazier as each day passed, I practically don't remember driving at all in Aussie. LOL.

It was so tedious trying to get a photograph with the characters. They came out at certain timings, take a limited number of photos and poof! Off they disappear to save the world again. We were lucky enough to be the second last in the queue of Batman, Flash and Green Lantern. You will not believe the popularity of them three! Such hot stuff! ♥

The girls and their Churros. Churros are a must-have wherever we go! I honestly do not get whats so yummy about Churros. They are much too sweet for me. Same goes for nougats - I'm boring like that!

We caught some of their shows. The Stunt Driver was insanely cool, they showed us live, how they filmed on set with all the stunt performances as in movies like Mission Impossible. At first we thought we could give that a miss, but good thing we didn't! It was a superbly exciting performance! The Looney Toons Musical, on the other hand, was pretty much a waste of time. Kids would love it - it's like high 5 live to them. To us it was just a major yawn. Good thing we were late and only managed to catch the last part of it!

What we were doing prior to the musical... LOL.

Lunch was, as usual, fish & chips. It wasn't fantastic, but I loved the outdoor seatings. Cobblestone floorings are my favourite!!! We don't see cobblestones much in Singapore, so cobblestones instantly remind me that I'm overseas. ♥

A dangerous alley, for cool gangsta kids and hip-hoppers alike. Oh yeah! ;)

We initially wanted to skip the parade as since everyone would be at the parade, there would be practically no wait time for the rides, but it was so enjoyable that we were seduced to stay throughout. The joker was hilarious! There was this guy in a Batman jacket in front of us, and each time the joker and his jokerz passed by him, they would jeer at him. LOL.

And isn't that a cool photo of the Batman hand-slapping the crowd? I missed the chance to take a photo of Flash because he was fast as ligntning... No, I'm just kidding. I wanted to touch his hand, and hence missed the opportunity for the photo. LOL. He is so damn cute, I wonder how cute he looks under the mask! ;)

Of course, what is a theme park without the thrill rides? The first ride we took was the Batman Spaceshot. I figured that since it shoots up right from the start, there wouldn't be the suspense at the top and if I could conquer that, I will probably be FINALLY ready to take the Space Drop for once.

I was wrong. It was insanely scary, my heart literally left my body. Sorry, space drops, sky-diving and the likes - I don't think I'll ever be able to conquer you all.

On the other hand, we tried the Superman Coaster and it was surprisingly manageable! The dip was almost a 90 degree, but because it was going so superbly fast, we felt nothing but exhilaration. LOL. To think that me and Pah almost chickened out of the ride right up till the moment the ride operator hit the 'Go' button!

We rode the Arkham Asylum - a ride where your feet dangles in the air. I secretly love such rides because most of the time, you will be so securely fastened and there are less dips but more twirls. I love 360degree rides! ♥

It was funny too when we queued for the Scooby Doo ride, and Pah and Jessic decided to be brave and take the first row since it was a ride meant for kids. There was an interesting twist to it though. At one point, the cars started going a lot faster, with sharp backward turns all the way down the building! If there were no queue, I wouldn't mind going for more rounds of it!

It was a pity we didn't manage to ride the Green Lantern, but I was by that time quite shell-shocked at the thrill level of the rides available that I wouldn't try it even if I had the chance. Where did my guts go, I honestly don't know. I thought Movie World would get our adrenaline pumping for the next two themeparks but it scared my little heart instead! :(

Once again, we stayed till it turned dark, shopping for souvenirs till the security chased us out of the place. I do love theme parks so, they put a smile on even the grumpiest granny's face. :D

We had plans to go Extreme Jetboating the next morning, but due to unforeseen bad weather forecasting, our jetboating was cancelled. It was quite ridiculous since the weather was really good that day. It was a good thing we got the deal off Group-on though, at least we didn't lose too much money, since refunds were not possible and our itinerary are honestly so packed that we could see no way around it. :(

Instead, we went shopping at Harbourtown! Home to all the branded outlets and more. We didn't take much pictures as we were too busy shopping... I wouldn't say the place is more awesome than Carrara Market, but if you are a huge shopaholic, this place will probably suit you.

We finally something other than Western that night - Italian! I'm hungry just thinking about it. If I don't remember wrongly, we drank our fill that night - a whole bottle of Jagermeister. It was an hilarious, drunktard night. LOL. ♥

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