Kampong Buangkok
Sunday, August 19, 2012 @ 12:42 AM

On Wednesday, me and Ylings went on a photography adventure at the last standing kampong left in Singapore - Kampong Buangkok. It was indeed obscure, hidden between the flats and terrace houses off YCK road and Hougang. We had trouble navigating there and ended up driving rounds and rounds in the vicinity of Buangkok before we succumbed to asking directions from a kind taxi uncle. LOL.

The short expedition in that area seemed to have transported us to another era altogether. I cannot imagine that was the lifestyle my parents was used to in the past! It was definitely an eye-opener. We met this friendly uncle who have lived in the kampong for the past 40 years and he shared with us some facts about the kampong. There is no news yet that they are selling the piece of land to the government so the kampong should be here to stay!

I absolutely love the rustic charm of the place. The friendliness of the occupants, the colourfully painted wooden houses, the swings tied to the trees (!!!) and the happy cats that roam the area freely. The mosquitoes in the area however, are madly unrelentless. They seem to superglue themselves to your skin and no matter how you kick and shake, they will not leave you alone. LOL. Good thing the bites were not annoyingly itchy though, we forgot about the swells as soon as we left the place.

Before visiting the kampong, me and Ylings went to do our nails at Fingertips Bencoolen! Impeccable service and awesome nail artist at Bencoolen. I really cannot say the same for the outlet at Bedok. I'm so in love with my moustache french tip nails now! I know its costly happiness, but I always walk out so elated after doing my nails! We couldn't stop laughing at our toe nails which were yellowish from all the pedicures. I shall let them rest while I save up again for more sessions!

We had time to kill before meeting Shan & Kevin for dinner, so after another few circles around Punggol, we found the Punggol Waterway! It was quiet and peaceful, but not the breath-takingly beautiful I was hoping for. I think I would much prefer heading to Punggol End to take in the sea breeze on the jetty instead. Perhaps next time!

Dinner was XO Fishhead Beehoon @ Dover Crescent. The amount of XO in the beehoon differs each time I visit. This time round it was practically non-existent, much to me and Yling's relief! We had the highly raved about prawn paste chicken too, but I enjoyed the vegetables more. It was soaked in oyster sauce - delicious.

We ended the night with ice-cream at Udders and made plans for November. It's going to be an exciting November! :D