An Adventure Down Under. Pt. 2
Sunday, August 19, 2012 @ 10:27 PM

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Early next morning, we drove out to Carrara Market, a permanent carnival-styled market which is only open on weekends. Much as I have been looking forward to visiting a place which resembles a huge fairground, I never thought I would love it so much! We spent the whole day frolicking around and souvenir-shopping. <3

We had breakfast at Subway before heading to the market. I'm not a huge fan of bread and such, but the girls said they had different flavours on the menu and they were good!

There were gazillions quaint little shops in the market, some selling whimsical decorative items, others selling souvenirs to bring home to our friends. They also had many shops selling clothes and shoes at pocket-friendly prices. We bought booties and wedges for 10Aud each, what a steal!

Us with our mandatory OOTD/WIWT shots. LOL. I am madly in love with my pair of red suede shoes from Hollyhoque! It's so cute and comfy and it walked me through most days of the trip. <3 Love hate relationship with my stockings - it kept slipping down and the lines get a tad obvious it's quite gross sometimes.

Me and Pah getting our airbrush tattoos! It is so carnival-ish, I love it! We couldn't stop gushing at the tattoos after they were done. In fact, we were quite sad when it eventually washed off. I love it so much that I wish it was a real tattoo!

There was no time to spare, so we grabbed random bites on the way for lunch. Pah and Jessic shared a gourmet strawberry and marshmallow fondue, and we satisfied Jessic's craving for bubble tea at this random stall. It was quite amazing - the stall owner was a Taiwanese and served authentic Taiwan XXL chicken and bubble tea! I was expecting the bubble tea to be of average standard but no, it was damn good? :D Oh, and at that stall, the girls bought handmade nougats which they thought was the best they had throughout the 7days!

Me and Pah went out of our way to become superheroes for a day. Face-painting!!! We saw kids walking around with brightly painted faces and being kids at heart, we did the exact same thing. Now, we were really Spiderwoman and Batwoman! <3

1. Jessic the Snow White
2. Too big for a pony ride :(
3. Cute canary at the pet shop!

At the pet shop, we saw cute golden retriever puppies snoozing, snakes for sale, birds, turtles and rabbits, but there were no hamsters in sight! Jessic says rodents are banned in Australia, say what?!

This kind Japanese lady who owned the tribal shop offered to take a group photo of us donning the tribal headgears when she saw me playing with it. She was such a dear! It was no wonder why her little shop was thriving with business. I love tribal items - they are so rustic and charming! Oh, and a photo of sunflowers - probably the only type of flower I will fawn over!

Us with our loots! Carrara Market was huge. We didn't manage to finish exploring the place although we stayed till the end! There was a photo-taking session with a chameleon which we missed, but I got Spidey (for 13Aud only I might add), my new koala to snuggle to sleep at night! <3

Instead of coasting on the Gold Coast Highway back to our apartment like we do each day, that day, we decided to drive home by the beach. The sight back was breath-taking! Initially, we wanted to stop at the beach nearest to our apartment, but then we passed by Burleigh Beach. It was such a beautiful park - we had to get down!

We were greeted with a little toddler sitting amidst some seagulls. It was too adorable! I was not quick enough to capture the scene, but it was quite a joy watching the little toddler tottling after the seagulls!

We were greeted by the scenic panoramic view of the coast. It was so peaceful, we just stood there enjoying the sea breeze for a while. The sound of the waves crashing the shore, the calls of the seagulls and the postcard-worthy view. Life really couldn't be better!

The lighting there was perfect for pictures, as we soon realised. LOL. Kind of wish we stayed a little longer to watch the sunset, but we were there a tad too early and that would mean quite a wait, so we ended up heading back to our apartment after awhile.

It was yet another best day ever for me. <3 Our itinerary was so packed that we didn't have time to visit the beach again, but wait for me Gold Coast! I will be back some Summer day and we shall spend some time together! :D


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