An Adventure Down Under. Pt. 3
Thursday, August 23, 2012 @ 10:31 PM

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The plan for the 3rd day was a morning of Kayaking with Australian Kayaking Adventures - a Halfday Dolphin & Stradbroke Island Tour. Then supposedly shopping at Harbourtown after, but we were too cold and tired to go shopping after kayaking the whole morning.

In the wee hours of the morning, we were dressed in slippers and shorts, waiting to embark on our kayaking adventure. It was freezing in the morning! We paired into 2s and kayaked to Stradbroke Island, where we were allowed to snorkel and marvel at the marine life.

This cute little bird ventured up to us - and according to our tour guide of the day, we were very lucky since this bird is usually very shy and would not come near to human-beings. The bird was indeed very brave and adventurous. Not only did it come so close to us, it also paddled towards a group of scuba divers in the water too!

We decided to embrace the cold and went snorkeling. It was wintertime, and the water was absolutely freezing! I guess we have been there - done that. It is probably the first and last time I'm ever going swimming in winter. LOL. Much to our disappointment, we didn't see any turtles or dolphins on the trip. In fact, we didn't even see a single colorful fish during the half an hour of snorkeling. I guess the fishes didn't like the cold either and have hidden away to hibernate. :(

I really wish we went with Cooly Dive. Since we survived snorkeling in the cold, we could probably survive snorkeling in the deep blue. I had really high hopes to swim with a turtle in the beautiful sea of Australia. :(

After the disappointing snorkel trip, we kayaked further out to another island, where we trekked a deserted island filled with wallaby poop to spot wild wallabies. We emerged on the other end - on the shore of the 4th most beautiful beach in Australia where surfers enjoyed riding the waves. We had a pretty good time playing in the water as well!

On the way back to our kayaks, our luck finally changed for the better when we spotted the wild wallabies! We were even lucky enough to spot the rare golden wallaby! ^^

A whole morning worth of kayaking was a really tiring experience. When we were kayaking back towards the shore, I honestly thought my arms would break. Definitely a first and last time for me!

We satisfied our hungry tummies at Charis' Seafood. It was a pretty good meal. We sat on the benches facing the blue sky and feasted on the seafood platter we ordered. Other than some annoying birds which kept eyeing on our food, the beauty and serenity in the area was undeniable.

There were this flock of pelicans sunbathing next to this tiny lake which made a cute backdrop. After devouring our meal, we immediately went down to take pictures! Pelicans are superbly cute, with their big round eyes. Best of all, they do not try to steal your food.

Jessic's Doppelganger :O

On this 7days trip, I've come to realise that seagulls are REALLY very annoying. Just like the cartoon seagulls in Finding Nemo, they seem to enjoy pestering for food instead of fishing for their own lunch. And, they make so much noise! Ultimate last warning for them.

The beautiful sights on the roadtrips each day.

We jumped into the jacuzzi upon checking back into our apartment. It was soooooo full of warmth! Explored a bit of Broadbeach mall in the evening and drove around in search of places to shop, but the shops were mostly closed. We ended up having dinner at this Chinese Restaurant (yay for Chinese food!) which served scrumptious peppered noodles. <3

It was the coldest day of the whole trip and towards the end of the day, I was honestly just superbly tired and cranky. Good thing the whole crankiness dissolved after a good night rest, because the next day, we headed to Movieworld!!!!!

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