Rules & Regulations
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 @ 11:17 PM

Singapore has always been known for its strict rules and regulations, which has both its good and bad, as for everything else. However, I honestly find some of these rules highly redundant.

Having watched the video above, I am honestly overwhelmed with sadness and unjust for not just dog itself, but for the owners as well. Most of us Singaporeans have lived in a HDB flat all our lives, and will probably continue to stay in one for a long time to come - with some exceptions of those are rich enough to afford a landed property. Land is scarce in Singapore, which is why properties are ridiculously expensive. We understand that. What I don't understand is that, why must there be a rule to restrict the size / breed of dogs that are allowed in HDBs? Does the size of the dog really matter?

Perhaps one might say the HDB may be concerned about the well-being of a huge dog having to be confined in a small space for long hours a day. However, this problem can easily be solved if the owner actively brings the dog for walks and runs each day. If the HDB is concerned about the safety in the neighbourhood, I believe they already have rules to have dogs leashed on their daily walks for the benefit of those who might be afraid or dislike dogs (although I really don't see why they are - dogs are delightful.) Owners of large dogs have to go the extra mile to muzzle their pets just to set some uneasy minds at ease, even though chances are, the dogs would never harm a thing. Being leashed up is already sad enough, and to be muzzled just make the whole walk sad and unpleasant. Imagine yourself not being able to freely frolic in the beautiful park, and then imagine yourself being gagged at that. It sure doesn't sound pleasant at all.

What angers me the most is that after all the owners have done to ensure that owning a medium to large size dog does not affect anyone in the neighbourhood, people STILL complain to the HDB in bid to eradicate the dogs entirely from the neighbourhood. Honestly, do they HAVE to do that?! Because of their selfishness, some family is going to lose a loving pet, and some loyal pooch have to lose a HOME. How can people be so ungracious?! The land does not belong to them, the world does not revolve around them, the dogs are supposed to be free to roam the world as we are. Yet, we are leashing them up, caging up animals in zoos and making them work to entertain us, puny humans. Just because human-beings have more power right now does not give us the right to control all other living things and treat them like dirt just because we can.

If the owners are already doing their fucking best to keep their dogs out of trouble so as to not cause a nuisance for you this selfish, ungracious human-being, you fucking do not reciprocate by COMPLAINING to HDB and try to sabotage the happy lives of those who deserve it.

If you don't know how to mind your own bloody business, you deserve to be mulled to death by a tiger. The world is better off without you.