Universal Studios, Singapore
Wednesday, September 5, 2012 @ 2:43 AM

Last Sunday, me, Pah, Lionel and HS went to Universal Studios, Singapore! Believe it or not, it was my virgin trip there and I was bouncing with excitement!!! Lionel managed to get us Express tickets, thus we barely had to queue at all. It was so awesome! We got to cut the queues of all the other non-express ticket holders. Teehee!

Pah and her love for Churros.

Sesame Street! I love Cookie Monster!

The first ride we went for was the latest ride - The Transformer! It was all very exciting, sauntering past the queue and hopping on the ride with no need to even wait at all! ;) The ride was a tad short though, but definitely engaging. We would have went back for it again but who knew we would have no time for it again? LOL.

The next ride we took was The Mummy. There was practically no queue for it, much to our surprise, so we decided not to waste our Express pass for it. The ride was superbly cool! We dipped and plunged in the pitch darkness, screaming our lungs out. HAHA. It was so much fun that we took the ride twice consecutively!

We went for some kiddish roller coasters as well. I don't know why, but me and Pah were not at all on form that day. Even the kiddish rides scared us a little. LOL. We were just too nervous for the biggest ride of the day - the Battlestar Galactica! None of the rides managed to calm our little hearts down. :(

We caught Shrek 4D, which was identical to the one I watched in Universal Studios, Florida. No wonder I felt it was quite familiar! I believe The Mummy and Transformer were similar versions too, although I can only vaguely remember the details.

We caught the shows as well! Monster Rock was good - I especially loved the Dracula, he was so sizzling hot and charming! ;) It would have been better if they updated the songs to the more recent ones though. And if the crowd were a bit higher. At some parts, I just felt so sluggish I could fall asleep!

The Watershow was especially memorable. I could go back again just for the show alone! They labelled the seats according to the amount of wetness you would not mind getting, and we were settled on the partially wet zone. It was hilarious how they engaged the crowd before the show started, aiming and shooting streaks of water at us! Next time I'm gonna choose the soak zone. :D

This was taken after we took the Rapids ride. The Dry Pod costs $5 per use! Of course we didn't waste our money on it, we only hopped in after someone left the pod before the time was up. It was just some hot air blowing in all direction, quite useless in my opinion!

That's about all the photos taken that day. I'm usually very much keen on snapping pictures, but when I am at a theme park, everything changes. I can practically survive on ice-cold coke and hopping around the park, immersing myself in the shows and getting exhilarated riding the rides! The bulky camera can be quite a hindrance sometimes.

We finally gathered our courage after a whole day of jitters to take on the Battlestar Galactica! It was AMAZING. Honestly, I have no idea why we kept postponing the ride, it was so blooody awesome! I am exhilarated that Singapore finally has a roller coaster worthy of a mention. I mean, seriously, was the ride in Escape even a roller coaster in the first place?!

We played both The Human and The Cylon twice. I personally preferred The Cylon, which consisted of twirls and 360degree turns because I am really not a huge fan of dips, but The Human was really exciting as well! Quite surprisingly, the first dip of The Cylon was actually scarier than all the dips on The Human.

After a whole day of rides and exhilaration, we finally left the park in the evening for dinner. (We totalleh skipped lunch, hurray!) It was definitely a fun-filled day spent at USS, and I'd LOVE to be back again. I really need the Annual Fun Pass. I will go like every other week just for the fun of it. LOL.