Brunch @ Botanic Gardens
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 @ 4:06 AM

Last Saturday, I met with Ylings&co. for brunch at Food for Thoughts! It was pretty hard to locate and we got lost in the vicinity for quite sometime before we found the little entrance which leads to the car park. The place is spacious but, I assume because it was a Saturday, the place was really packed indoors! I chose to customize my own breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, hashbrown, sausages and toast. The serving was good but huge - I'd suggest for girls to share among two. Just a piece of toast filled up half my stomach already!

It was the two guys' virgin trip to Botanic Gardens, so with our stuffed stomach, we went on a quest to find the swans on Swan Lake and to climb the iconic tree! In the short span of time we were there, we already witnessed three couples getting their photoshoots done there. Me and Ylings just stood and watch the photographer and the assistant arrange the couples and photograph. Interesting experience!

Surprisingly, the iconic tree at Botanic Gardens was smooth and clean, there were no sight of any bugs and the bark was not rough like normal. It was so hard to climb, but so much fun! Next time, we shall plan a picnic there. :)

This little boy came tottering towards the tree while we were monkeying around. He was such an adventurous and adorable little boy!!! His parents were so amiable as well, allowing us to snap pictures of them and the boy. They are Finlanders residing in Switzerland, on a vacation in Singapore. I love how good-natured they are, allowing their boy to play his fill without a care in the world how dirty he was getting himself. :)

The self-proclaimed Fabulous Five.