Legoland, Malaysia
Sunday, October 21, 2012 @ 12:11 AM

The trip to Legoland last saturday marked the official end of the exhibition, and with it, the end to many friendships forged during the few months of work. I must say I do miss the times working at the exhibition (and of course the pay), and I'll most certainly miss the people as well, may all of us have a chance to work together again in future!

So, it was a long bus ride into JB, with the clearing of customs, queueing for buses and all. It was a good trip which could have been better without the rain. The rides there were not very impressive, but good fun nonetheless. The place is after all, themed for kids, with all the buildings, characters, animals all built out of legos. The miniatures of the different countries were really cool - the people, transports all were mobile! They were so detailed that you probably wouldn't think they were fake from far.

It was a fun day trip, but I probably would not go back a second time. I would love to go to USS again though - can't wait for the Halloween night at USS next week! I'm looking forward to the rides > haunted houses. I might just wet my pants. >.<