Things That Makes Me Happy.
Friday, October 5, 2012 @ 3:22 AM

I have been feeling like crap recently. Really, downright, crap. I feel like I'm living in a void. Not happy enough to smile, yet not devastated enough to cry. Perhaps it's the sudden emptiness in my life - I suddenly have too much free time on hand, and that might have spurred this increased lethargy, and reflections. I am so lost, I really have no direction in life. Living for the sake of living. How sad.

I visited the library today and I borrowed this book titled 'Things That Makes Me Happy'. It's about this girl who used to list out things that made her happy. Then, Life has to screw up and she no longer finds herself feeling happy again. Little things used to make her happy, even random things like 'Sand under your bare feet'. In this sadness, she seeks to find her old happy self again.

It kinds of depict my mood these days.

Anyhow, sadness aside, school has officially started once again. The 4 months break has been enriching. Working with Pictureworks at the Harry Potter Exhibition has been a fun experience. I learnt new photoshopping skills, made new friends and realised that despite the fact that I dislike taking portraits of people, I enjoy taking family portraits. It makes me smile each time I take a photograph of a happy family. The blissfulness of the family, the innocent smiles of the kids, they light me up.

All the waking up early, squeezing with the morning crowd in the ever-stopping train, speed-walking through the Shoppes @ MBS, starving the whole shift, Eunos chicken rice, dancing/singing/chatting/limbo-rocking at the Green Screen, competing to see which POS earns more money, selling the 6 for $100 combo, watching MVs while editing, etc. It was all good fun times and will definitely be missed. x

Lastly, I started obsessing over Big Bang a few weeks back. It was weird how I fell into this K-Pop craze. I practically swore that such a thing will never happen previously. Now, I'm like, really obsessed. It was the best spontaneous decision to go for their concert though. It was the BEST. I was previously really undecided because it was $231 (!!!!), but then, I went for it anyhow because in life, you only regret the things you did not do rather than the money you spent on doing it, no? I can never remember where the money I saved go anyway. I missed the 2 concerts Energy held in Singapore, and I never forgot that. I would hate to regret this too.

The atmosphere at the Alive Galaxy tour was really amazing. We went for the moshpit and they were so near!! *heart melts* Taeyang was so near to us, topless and grooving to the music, and GD was just handsome and awesome! They did an awesome job, I was so high even till they returned to Korea. The concert was totally worth the time and money. G-Dragon, you are the best. <3

Their music and videos are the only things that makes me happy now. When I watch them, I am totally in another world and in that world, sadness really does not exist. (Except Haru Haru, the MV is too sad.)

I need to snap out of this.

Two videos from the concert I managed to take with my dying phone. Next time, I am bringing a camera. Goodnight.