Rooftop Prince
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 @ 5:12 AM

I've just recently finished Rooftop Prince and I'm so in love with the show! It's hilarious, yet so bittersweet at the same time, mixed with an air of mystery as the story unfolds. The two leads are so cute together!! <3 I already feel like rewatching the whole drama again when I have only finished it just yesterday?

The ending left me heart-wrenched though... how the two star-crossed lovers cannot spend eternity together in the same lifetime. Even though Taeyong is the reincarnation of Yi Gak the Crown Prince, it is still not the same even if Park Ha ended up with TY since the relationship was between YG and PH from the start. The ending was very ambiguous though, so I'd still choose to believe that when TY finally regain consciousness in the future (perhaps after YG died in Joseon age), he awoke with YG's soul and memories, and their love continue to blossom from there.

This version makes me feel a whole lot better. I am so insanely obsessed with the show that I feel so lost now that I've finished it. I certainly wouldn't have minded another episode of them being happy ever after. Meh.