Through a fisheye.
Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 2:56 AM

1. I've been looking for an iPhone app which allows me to snap decent fisheyes and recently, I found Fisheye! I love how it allows a live fisheye view whilst snapping photos - most other apps only allow me to snap a common photo first before bulging it into a fisheye and does not allow me to gauge whether a certain angle will look good in fisheye or not. A downside would be that we are not able to choose how 'fisheye' we want the photo to be. It would awesome if they were to allow us to choose from a range of 0.35x to .045x wide angle. I'm currently still using the free version, but I am seriously thinking of purchasing the pro!

2. My stash of Big Bang items! <3 I need to clear out the space and arrange everything nicely in there. And yes, I do randomly take the beanie and snapback (and sometimes the crown hairband) to camwhore, just because. HEHEHE. Opening that door makes me happy!

3. Family chalet @ NSRCC tonight and tomorrow! The food was crazy awesome. I love curry meefen so much that I had to stuff myself with it till I was too bloated for anything else. I brought my bulky camera, but ended up using the fisheye app on my phone instead. I really have no idea how to work my camera during night time without the glaring flash. That is an aspect I'll have to improve in year 2013! Hopefully the sun will shine brightly tomorrow afternoon because I plan to bring my bulky camera out for a walk!

4. I burnt a huge hole in my pocket to get my hair dyed 2 weeks before 2012 officially came to a closure, but I can't say I regret it now because I love the shades of purple semi-hidden beneath my ash brown hair! What I never noticed is how obvious the colour is when I bun up my hair! It's so pretty, I'm gonna bun up my hair more often now. LOL. I assume it's because I had to bleach the bottom part of my hair to get the purple, but it's been approximately 3 weeks since I got this color and it is still bright as ever! The lower end of the purple have since faded into a mix of grey and lighter purple, but for the most part it is still bright purple! I need to be more diligent in applying hair serums though. My hair is a stack of frizzy hay right now. HAHA. And because I am a cheapskate wanting to ensure that the colour last as long as it possibly can, I haven't been swimming. I do have to shed off the calories accumulated from the past few weeks soon though, so please invite me out to gym and swim people! I need to be skinny by 20th May. 고고고!!!