Party Gaja!
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 @ 3:42 AM

Recent Gaja photos stolen from Butter Factory's FB page. I haven't been to ladies' night in years, but the monthly Gaja nights with the NS people are really awesome! Despite the fact that I complain a lot when I work at NS, I have made many new friends throughout the one year there and I am very thankful for that. I've made really close friends too and I hope that even after leaving NS, we'll all still be as close as we are right now! ♥

I really believe I am pretty blessed. I am lucky to meet and befriend awesome people wherever I go and I am really thankful for that! Part of the Astons gang recently met up for supper despite our own hectic lifestyles, and I am happy we make the effort to. It has been 4 years (time really flies) but when we meet up, we can really chat for hours on end, catching up on each others' lives and reminiscing the good old days working together. :)

While I look forward to a new beginning after graduation, I hope the friendships I have forged with all the awesome people I have met stay strong and we will always make an effort to meet up and catch up because losing touch with any of you will be really upsetting.

I always wish things never have to change, but we are all growing up and there are many times where things will change, no matter how hard to we try to hold on to the them. Just know that I treasure each and everyone of you very much and I will try my very best to stay a part of your lives so long as you let me, even if I have to be a thousand miles away at some point of time.

Dedicated to all of you - my favourite girls, Astons gang, Fantastic Five and the NS girls. ♥