Punggol End
Saturday, May 18, 2013 @ 1:17 AM

Gallop Stable
900 Punggol Road Singapore 829168

I have wanted to visit Punggol End for quite some time, but haven't got the chance to until recently when me and Ylings spontaneously decided to rent a car! I am still pretty rusty behind the wheels, but the two days of driving did brush up my confidence a little, even if only for awhile. The drive into Punggol End is really scenic. The long stretch of road lined with tall trees on both sides, it feels like we have transported from the bustling city life straight into a peaceful countryside. Despite the madly warm weather that day, me and WT had fun exploring the area!

We saw this signboard leading to the 'Cowboy Mart' and decided to follow its direction into the lalang field. We ended up on the other side, and guess what it led us to - the newly opened Gallop Stables @ Punggol! Other than riding camps and pony rides, they even have chalet rooms for rental, where friends and families can enjoy a stress-free stay-cation closer to nature instead of in a hotel. For those who are not entirely sure whether or not they would enjoy horse-riding, for $10, you are entitled to a short ride on a horse/pony too! That was us, thrilled beyond words at the chance to ride a horse for the first time. It was a fun experience, although it was quite nerve-wrecking at first. It felt quite like riding on an elephant's neck and I was worried I might fall off, but the horses were really tame and obedient. They have enclosed arenas where the horses can run free and exercise, and WT and I spent a great deal of time trying to cajole the horse into taking some photos with us. TEEHEE.

On a side note, I have been thinking of getting a new lens! The 50mm I got previously was cheap and good and I really love the depth of field it creates, but I haven't really been using it because it is a tad too zoomed in for my liking on my cropped body. So... I have been thinking of getting a Canon 28mm f/1.8! I wanted to upgrade to a full-frame body, but with all the travel plans I have in store for 2013, I really cannot afford a 6d right now. :( I will be keeping my 50mm for future use though, it will be perfect on my future full-frame. Also, the 28mm can serve as a wide-angle lens when I upgrade in future, so it will be like an investment, yes? :D

I am really hoping I won't stray from what I dream of doing and succumb to a boring life with a good pay when I come back from my trips extremely broke this year. GOGOGO!