New Year Resolutions 2015.
Saturday, January 3, 2015 @ 2:49 PM

New Year Resolutions 2015:

1. Save up for New Zealand 2016.
2. Save up for a Canon 6D.
3. Cut Back AND Make More Money.
4. Complete a Photo Project.
5. Try out new photography styles and projects.
6. Learn to do video editing.
7. Party/Darts only once a week.
8. Finally go release baby turtles in Cherating!
9. Blog more often.
10. Be happy.


New Year Resolutions 2014:

1) Limit myself to 2 Macdonald meal per month. (Fail.)
2) Improve my photography skills. (Fail.)
3) Pay off my debts to my friends by my birthday. COMPLETED!
4) Get a Ricoh GXR for my birthday. (Nah, no need.)
5) Pay off my debt to my parents by August. COMPLETED! (Only in Oct though.)
6) Save up enough for a 6D by Christmas '14. (Fail.)
7) Travel alone to somewhere. (Fail.)
8) Be happy. (Fail.)
9) Save up. (MAJOR FAIL.)
10) Finally go release baby turtles in Cherating! (2015!)
11) Dedicate time to study Korean! (Fail.)
12) Cheer myself up by writing 3 things that make me happy whenever I'm sad. (Fail.)

I hope I will achieve more this year than in did in the last. xx