Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 1:42 AM

Smart little JoJo knows a lot of tricks! Doreen made her perform all the little tricks she mastered with cheese treats and it was so mad cute? My favourite has got to be 'BANG BANG!' where Jojo will roll onto her back and act dead for literally less than a second before jumping back up to her feet for her treat haha!

It's almost the end of CNY, which means the days of feasting with no qualms for the future is coming to an end. The amount of weight I have gained in this period is downright horrible. It is time to revert back to the less calorie intake + more exercise regime again! Swimming and gym-ing will make me slim routine, come on! And not to mention, get into serious mugging mode. Time's a ticking!

Other than the usual gatherings with the extended family for CNY, this year, the NS girls had an awesome steamboat over at PM's place and a mahjong session at Doreen's! PM's mum makes kickass grounded chilli! She really prepared a huge spread of food for the steamboat of which we couldn't even finish half. Another session of steamboat so we can clear them clean perhaps? ;D