Let's do the Harlem Shake!
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 @ 12:21 AM



The past few days have been mad crazyyyyy. I was really excited when I received a text from Jing to assist him in his latest video production - the Harlem Shake (Summon Auntie Version)! For a short video of mere minutes, it sure takes a lot of creativity, imagination as well as time and sweat to make it happen! We spent the three days prior to the filming of the video scouring for suitable locations, props and talents. I really have to thank my friends for listening to all my grumblings and complaints when I had a hard time finding the required stuff, suggesting places I could check out and even accompanying me while I searched. Mad love for you guys!! <3 Can't argue with the end result though, the video turned out super funny! I have been rewatching it quite a few times, and each time you'll notice a new thing because there are simply too much to absorb in a single scene! Check it out ~


I have officially ended my time at Night Safari. Despite the grossly low pay, I am thankful for the past 1 year plus! In that single year, I got free entries to the Zoo, Bird Park and of course, Night Safari, made awesome new friends, formed a new clique <3, met loads of different types of people, the kind, the nasty, the impatient, the courteous and many more. If not for the implementation of the new uniform (which I really cannot stand), I probably would have stayed on for a month more or two. But for the big plans I've got for 2013, I really cannot afford the low pay. There is only so much time left for me to save up enough for all the travel plans I have in store for this year and I only have 2 more months to earn enough. Many a time I'd think, if I left the place earlier, I could have earned and perhaps saved a lot more than I did for the past one year. And then again, the clique might not have made it through, I would not have got to know Gaja nights, made so many new friends, saw the pandas for free and all...

There will always be opportunity costs in every decision made, so since I've already made the decision, all I can do now is to work harder and to fight to make what I envision my 2013 to be come true! ^^