Across the Border
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @ 2:09 AM

It was my virgin road-trip across the border in a car last Saturday, and despite it just being a half-day trip, I enjoyed myself thoroughly! It was a totally different experience exploring JB in a car. For one, we do not have to join the human traffic to get our passport stamped. We have drive-thrus! And we were lucky enough to avoid the mad jams that evening and midnight. Ylings navigated around the area like a pro, driving us to KSL for some shopping, to another place for seafood and my long-anticipated loklok(!), for massage, car wash and petrol. It was awesome fun and I cannot wait to go in again. Next time, we shall head in earlier so we can try some more dishes like the famous BKT and Wanton Mee. And pamper ourselves with a manicure session, a full-body massage and perhaps even KTV! It is amazing how different the two cities are just a causeway apart. Hopefully we will have more adventures across the border to come!!!