S.E.A Aquarium
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 12:07 AM

So prior to the half-day trip to JB last Saturday, we met up early to visit the S.E.A Aquarium! I've been eyeing that new attraction since 2 years ago when RWS started on the project. I love aquariums so much, and this latest addition is mad awesome! Large full length glass panels were the only thing dividing us and the beautiful marine world. <3 The whole vast expanse of blue water right before us really makes it seems as though we are truly in the deep blue with them. I need an escape to a beach to snorkel in the clear blue waters! I love how huge the place is compared to Underwater World. The last time I went to Underwater World, it was quite disappointing since the only part worth mentioning was the conveyor belt through the tunnel. Although the conveyor belt tunnel wasn't as long as the one at UW, the large 'ocean' behind the glass walls totally made it up for it!

It was a full day of adventure celebrating Shan's birthday as well as Json and Ylings special day. HAHA. We surprised Shan with a birthday cake of her favourite Spongebob at her place and boy, did she look happy! :D It has been 3 years of celebrating birthdays together with them, so much love!!


It is approximately 2.5 months to the end of my life as a student, and after that, I will be spending my time doing what I love for awhile. The prospect is so very exciting!!! I will finally be freed from the shackles of school and the mindless regurgitations of words that comes along with it. Knowledge is important, I understand. But I am a firm believer that knowledge is best gained out of life experiences and actually living your own life instead of reading about how others led their life. This shall be the very end of my schooling journey, and hopefully, I'll finally embark on my dream journey. :)