River Safari
Friday, April 5, 2013 @ 2:02 AM

Last Sunday, the girls and I visited the new River Safari for the staff sneak preview! The place was quite small, but we took our time to explore the place so despite the fact that a huge part of the attraction was still under construction, we managed to spend a good whole morning there! Many of the animals were still missing, like the giant otter, and the boat ride was not ready yet so we missed a good chunk of animals which could not be seen by walking. :( We did however, watch the animal show which I absolutely enjoyed. ^^ For one, we were super near the stage (I assume because it was a preview so there wasn't many people) and the animals were mad close! Another fact is that the show was really engaging. We got to interact with the various animals like the hedgehog, and the animals are literally within reach. But of course, we were not allowed to touched them unless advised. I enjoyed every minute of the show!

2 other highlights from the trip were the Red Panda and the Manatees. The red panda was so stealthy, it was really hard to snap a decent photograph of it. We spend much of our 15mins in the panda enclosure as paparazzi in upmost effort to snap a satisfactory photograph of it that we only had time to glance briefly at the pandas (that are amazingly yellow from since we first saw them) before we were made to leave. We spent a long time staring at the manatees in the aquarium too! They were slow and adorable, and they seemed as curious of us outside the glass divider as we were of them! And we witnessed this little manatee swimming into a pole because it was looking at us while it swam. LOL so mad cute! It looked so shocked and lost for a moment after the little accident. The sight totally made our day!

I had to rush back to work after the visit, which was quite upsetting because the girls proceeded to sing K after and I miss singing K. I have been crazily busy for the past few weeks working as a temporary admin assistant, and today, the event has concluded and I am released from the torturous mornings in crazily packed trains! The people at my office are awfully nice though, both the temps and perms alike. I am happy to have been able to work with them - I wouldn't have chose to work with any others! I must say I will definitely miss the curry rice from the diner across the street which we have often when we worked overtime into the night.

Then again, it is time for me to take a couple of days break before starting a new battle... the impending exams in May!!! On a perfectly random side note, GD has confirmed his tour dates in Singapore to be on the 29th and 30th of June, when I will be miles away from home. It is so disappointing. I even saved up extra for his concert so I could dress up appropriately for the occasion!! T.T I can only pray that he would go to LA or NYC or TW during the time I am at the respective places so I can at least attend one of his concerts. :'(